10/6/20 – On June 1st, Google Fiber will begin their construction and work on adding fiber to the Woodbury Community. They will be starting in the area highlighted here and then moving to other areas when finished. As soon as Management is given a schedule/dates as to when the other areas of the community will be completed, that will be posted. Any questions specific to the work they are doing, please be directed to the attached flyer. 

Following is the Google Fiber installation map for Work Area FDH009 Garland (highlighted in light blue) for Woodbury Village:

The Google Fiber work consists of placing fiber optic cable and innerduct in existing conduit structure and the installation of underground vaults located in the Right of Way.

We will also have technicians installing and testing fiber optic equipment in the underground vaults.

Planned installation schedule is:
Installation Start: Week of October 5, 2020

Installation Finish: Week of October 26, 2020 (estimated)


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