Architectural Information

Please email architectural plans and property improvement form to [email protected]. Checks can be mailed to or dropped off at 108 Lamplighter, Irvine CA 92620. The architectural deposit and/or fee may also be made online through the Web Axis portal. To pay architectural fees online, please click here.

New Paint Schemes for Single Family Homes

Once you have chosen your new color scheme, please fill out the corresponding application below. They are mostly filled out for you to help you complete the application. Please submit the color scheme application along with colored photos. Any incomplete applications will not be accepted. If you have any questions, please contact Management at (949) 451-1654 or (949) 451-1650.

You can also review the colors in person at the Dunn Edwards Paint Store located at 13662 Newport Avenue, Tustin CA, (714) 731-4113. Please make sure you refer to the current color link. An account has been established for Woodbury Community Association and the account number is 188524-00, which will provide you with approximately 37% off the retail price for the Dunn Edwards products. Please know you must pick one set scheme and you cannot mix and match from different ones or they will be denied.

When you have completed the painting project, you must submit a Notice of Completion form along with colored photos.

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