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This page will be updated as information is received from the City of Irvine, or from Irvine PD.

Neighborhood Watch Meeting Recap

At the Neighborhood Watch meeting held on March 28, 2023, approximately 50 residents were present to listen to and ask questions to Officer Campbell and Ms. Lind with the Irvine P.D. We learned that in the last six months, there were a total of 15 burglaries reported. Of those 15, ten of them were garage thefts, meaning the resident had left the garage door open. The other five reported burglaries were professional home invasions. Please click on the "Read More" tab to click the links below to view the handouts provided at the meeting last night by our guest Officers. We hope the information provided is helpful to everyone. We want to say a special thank you to resident John Panzullo, for speaking to the residents last night about how he started a Watch program in his area of Woodbury.

Click here for the How to Start a Neighborhood Watch handout

Click here for the Safety Tips handout

Click here for the Home Security Checklist

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