The Woodbury park is available for rental!

Residents are now able to reserve seven of Woodbury's parks. Certain restrictions apply. For the first time since opening, you may now rent one of seven parks and you may now also have a bounce house at your party provided you choose from one of four vendors approved by the Association (this eliminates the Resident's responsibility to provide an additional insured endorsement). You must reserve with Management in order to use the Park Reservation and not just show up to use the space.

The seven (7) parks available for rental are:

  • Magnolia Park - Sanctuary & Rinaldi
  • Laurel Square Park - Great Lawn & Mapleton
  • Terrace Garden Park - Sanctuary & Waterspout
  • Olive Grove Square - Vintage & Lamplighter
  • Coral Tree Square - Great Lawn & Spanish Lace
  • Woodland Garden - Pink Sage & Talisman
  • Arbor Garden Park - Rolling Green & Clocktower

The reservation time is limited to 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. At each park, there will be a specific reserved area that is priority to those who fill out the reservation paperwork. However, the entire park is not closed and residents may still use the park even if there is a party. No more than 50 guests are allowed for a reservation. Reservations are first come, first serve. There is a deposit of $200.00 that is refundable so long as no damage occurred and renters removed all trash/decorations. There is no fee to rent the park.

Bounce House Vendor List

The Association approved vendors for bounce house rentals are list below.

Surf City Bouncers


Orange County Jumpers


Jump Action


Jump N Bounce


The Association approved vendors for nerf party rentals are listed below.

Nerf Party OC

Please notify management with the company you pick for your bounce house/jumper rental. Please
note, these vendors have supplied the Association with the proper additional insured endorsement.
Using a separate company is violation of this contract and could result in cancelation of event and
loss of deposit.

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