To become a Woodbury approved tennis or swim instructor:

  • Instructor needs to provide insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 naming Woodbury Community Association and Keystone Pacific Property Management, LLC as additional insured.
  • Pay the annual fee of $600.00 for tennis instructors and $100.00 for swim instructors. All checks must be made out to Woodbury Community Association.
  • All residents receiving instruction from the instructor need to fill out a waiver and submit it to the Woodbury on-site office or email it to prior to their first tennis lesson.
  • Each tennis instructor will obtain an ID badge from the Woodbury on-site office once the insurance and fee has been submitted. The ID Badge will include your photo, expiration date, and your name. All instructors must bring this badge when using the tennis courts. 
  • Woodbury residents must make all reservations for tennis instruction through the TennisBookings reservation website. 
  • If tennis instructor is caught teaching non-residents, they will no longer be allowed to use the tennis court facilities. 

All items must be submitted to 


This year we have a new company, Premier Aquatics, that will be offering swim lessons for the Woodbury residents.

Private Lessons | 30 Minute Lessons

Private swim lessons are 1 on 1 for 30 minutes at a time. The cost of each swim lesson is $40.00. The schedule for lessons will be posted online at and sign-ups will run through the Premier Aquatics registration system.

Group Lessons | 30 Minute Lessons

There are 3 swimmers allowed in Level 1 and 4 swimmers in Level 2 & up. The cost of each group lesson is $20.00 per swimmer. The schedule for lessons will be posted online at and sign-ups will run through the Premier Aquatics registration system.

Aquatics Program


Woodbury is offering a year round competitive swim program through Speed Aquatics. Please note these are not swim lessons. If you are looking to train your child to compete, then this is the program for you! Speed Aquatics is for children between the ages of 5 - 18. You MUST know how to swim laps before you sign up!

For more information regarding Speed Aquatics please visit: for more information or contact them at(949) 825-9901.



Greg Hanessian (949) 293 - 2049

Vincent Allegre (949) 357 - 8441

Mick Hornok (949) 266-7019

Makoto Araki (949) 331-4907

Tennis Lessons


QuickStart is a nationally recognized program designed to help kids 5-10 learn to play tennis using scaled-down equipment for their size, development, and maturity. This method has been proven to develop fine and gross motor skills, balance, and coordination, promote teamwork, and increase self-esteem. Fee: $30 per class (prices based on group size). All lessons are located at the Woodbury Tennis Court # 4. Private & Semi-private lessons are also available. Please contact Greg Hanessian at (949) 293-2049 or email for the most current information.

Woodbury Waves Swim Team

WOODBURY WAVES UPDATE: We’re very excited to share that the Woodbury Waves are preparing for our upcoming 2021 Irvine Swim League season that starts on June 8th!  Rest assured, we have been planning for months to ensure a SAFE and FUN season for everyone involved.  

Stay tuned for news on registration which will come online in the next few weeks.  For more information, please go to the Woodbury Waves website at and if you are looking to join the team for the first time, go to the Interest List tab.  If there is anything else we can help you with or you have other questions, please contact the Waves Board of Directors at and we’ll get back to you quickly.

We are excited for a brand new swim season this summer!  Go Waves!


Magic : The Gathering Club

Please contact Jason Low: Magic: the Gathering is the original collectable card game for typically ages 13 and up in which players build and design customized decks to play a richly strategic game against other players. The game thematically depicts players as powerful "planeswalkers" who have access to spells to defeat their opponents. In the game itself, the deck contains cards for energy (mana) which can activate spell cards for summoning creatures, casting enchantments, producing artifacts, dealing damage, or disrupting others which all can be used to achieve victory.

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