What To Expect When Pools Can Reopen

6/5/20 – Please know that the Woodbury staff and Board of Directors are just as anxious to get our pools reopened and we will open them once the City of Irvine advises us we can do so, which we are hoping will be in Stage 3. Please also understand that we will have to limit capacity in the pools to ensure social distancing until everything is reopened as mandated by the State or City. Due to having to limit the number of guests in the pool areas, we will be posting a link to a reservation system in which you can reserve a space in either the Lagoon or Resort pools for 45 minutes between 11 am – 7 pm or you can reserve a lane at the Competition pool for 45 minutes and swim from 5 am – 5 pm. Please note that the 15 minutes between reservation times will be used by the lifeguards and pool monitors to sanitize. 

Please thoroughly read the Temporary Pool Rules posted here so you are familiar with what protocols will be taken. No guests will be allowed and groups are limited to 6 people, all of which must be in the same household and shown on your key card. We ask that you also keep in mind, that although we have our Lifeguard and Patrol companies on stand-by, once the City of Irvine allows community pools to open, we will need a few days at least to give those vendors adequate time to notify their staff, so please be patient and know we will make the pools available to you as soon as we possibly can.

During Stage 3, we will only have the Lagoon, Resort and Competition pools open due to the amount of added staff we need to hire just to ensure we get residents checked in for their reservations and for the additional cleaning after each group leaves and before the next groups can enter. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time. 

CLICK HERE for temporary pool rules.

Virtual Bingo – June 20

We are excited to announce Virtual Bingo on June 20th! Residents will have three different time frames to choose from: 11:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m., and 3:00 p.m. There will be 20 families per session and three winners per session! Each session will last one hour and 15 minutes.

11:00 a.m. - SOLD OUT

1:00 p.m. - SOLD OUT

3:00 p.m. - SOLD OUT


This event is completely free for Woodbury residents. Bingo cards will be emailed to the resident that RSVP’s for this event. Prizes will be given out to residents on the same day of the event! 

Please RSVP by emailing kstephenson@keystonepacific.com with your name, Woodbury address, contact phone number, number of participants, and which time frame session you would like to play in. We will max out! There are limited spaces!

For questions, please contact the Recreation Director at kstephenson@keystonepacific.com.

Snow Cone Drive-Up – June 6

6/1/20: Please join us by vehicle this Saturday, June 6th from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the Woodbury parking lot at 108 Lamplighter for a snow cone! 

This event will be first come first serve for Woodbury residents until snow cones run out! In order to promote social distancing, all residents must remain in car as they receive their snow cones. 


There will be three flavors to choose from when you arrive: Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, and Pina Colada. 

Google Fiber Update

6/1/20 – On June 1st, Google Fiber will begin their construction and work on adding fiber to the Woodbury Community. They will be starting in the area highlighted here and then moving to other areas when finished. As soon as Management is given a schedule/dates as to when the other areas of the community will be completed, that will be posted. Any questions specific to the work they are doing, please be directed to the attached flyer. 


Temporary COVID-19 Tennis Court Rules

6/1/20 - CLICK HERE for the Temporary Tennis Court Rules.

All four tennis courts will reopen on Friday, May 15th for singles play only. Doubles play is prohibited to promote 6 foot distancing unless ALL members are of the same household. No lessons allowed. Please read the rules thoroughly prior to playing tennis.

Reservation system below for the tennis courts will open up on Thursday, May 14th at 5 p.m.  

There will be (30) minute gaps between reservations to allow for social distancing and for the health and welfare of all players. Once your reservation is over, player(s) must exit the court immediately.

These rules are intended to temporarily supplement existing tennis rules. Where there is a conflict between the existing rules and the temporary rules, the temporary rules prevail.

The Board has passed these temporary rules in order to allow residents to conditionally use a portion of the Association’s amenities. With that stated, it is the Board’s expectation that all residents will comply with these temporary rules. If any resident is found to be in non-compliance with any of these, or any other Association rules, the Board reserves the right to enforce said rules as it deems appropriate within its authority.

Opening of Amenities Update

5/6/20 - Our office has received numerous inquiries as to when Woodbury will be opening our pools/courts and we are just as anxious as you all to have our amenities open again for your enjoyment. Please note that we will not be opening up any amenities until we are directed to do so by the City of Irvine. Management reached out to Code Enforcement on Monday, May 4th and received the following response:

"Thank you for reaching out to the City for clarification on this matter. On March 19, 2020, Governor Newsom issued an Executive Order that includes a “stay at home” order for all activities other that for essential activities/businesses While we anticipate that there may be a modification to the Executive Order in the coming days/weeks, as of today, that Executive Order still governs. As such, Orange County residents are required to stay at home except for “essential needs” such as to get food, care for a relative or friend, get necessary health care or go to an essential job. The Governor did follow up recently with a list of outdoor activities that are allowed under his order (seehttps://covid19.ca.gov/stay-home-except-for-essential-needs/#outdoor ).  Notably, swimming in a public pool is not included on that  list as a permitted outdoor activity.  As such, the City is requiring that all public pools (including HOA pools) be closed until we receive further direction from the authorities."

Once we are advised we can open our amenities, more than likely a reservation system will need to be in place for the pools and that information will be posted here as well as emailed and texted to residents who have signed up to receive such notifications.

For text updates, please visit this link: https://manage.irio.com/widget/page/subscription?uuid=e0fe20c7-b58c-4e97-8083-7f33839c223b.

On-Site Office Hours Update


Due to COVID-19, we wanted to assure you that our office is taking additional steps for your safety and ours.

Effective May 16, 2020 our on-site office will be open on a limited basis. Please see office hours below. Our Team Members will be taking appropriate measures to limit personal exposure while performing their daily duties and working. In addition, we are actively following guidance given by the CDC for businesses in the United States. Please know that we are taking this situation seriously and will do everything in our power to keep all essential services up and running smoothly as possible for you and your families.


Office will be closed Monday, May 25th in observance of the Memorial Day holiday.

• Our on-site office will be open with (1) staff member:

Monday – Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Saturday – Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

• At this time, all pool areas and basketball court are closed and the parks are to be used for passive use only.

• When visiting our office, please stay home if you are sick.

• The General Manager, Susan Seifen, can be reached at sseifen@keystonepacific.com or (949) 451-1654 and the Recreation Director, Kayla Stephenson, can be reached at kstephenson@keystonepacific.com or (949) 451-1650. Part time staff can be reached at (949) 451-1652.

Community Text Updates!

Be in the know with text alerts! Get connected by signing up for updates on the Woodbury Community. Sign up by texting “Woodbury” to 47464 in order to stay up to date on events, pools, and much more!

For a quicker option to sign up, please visit this link: https://manage.irio.com/widget/page/subscription?uuid=e0fe20c7-b58c-4e97-8083-7f33839c223b.

Fitness Center Tips

The gym is a great place for you to work on your fitness, but don’t give thieves a chance to work on their craft. Many fitness center thefts occur when valuables are left unattended, visible in vehicles, or in unlocked lockers. Below are several strategies to reduce your likelihood of becoming a victim of theft at fitness centers.

• Only bring items that are necessary into the gym

• At night park in well-lit areas or in close proximity to the store front

• Never leave property inside your car in plain sight

• Lock your belongings in the trunk of your vehicle before reaching your destination

• Always lock your car doors and roll up your windows

• Use common area lockers in gym/workout area

• Secure your locker with a disk lock to prevent prying or cutting

• Don’t leave anything of value unattended on the workout floor or other areas

• Always be aware of your surroundings

• Inside the gym, be aware of persons loitering or paying undue attention to you, your property, or persons who appear to be watching for opportunities to steal property

• Outside the gym, be aware of persons loitering in the parking lot, sitting in vehicles, or persons who appear to be watching for opportunities to steal property

• Immediately report any suspicious activity or behavior to the police department and the fitness center staff Get fit and stay safe.

For more information on crime prevention and personal safety, please visit CrimePrevention.IrvinePD.org.

New Security Company

As of December 24th, Titanium Private Security will be the new security company for Woodbury. Beginning December 24th, please make sure to direct all patrol related calls to (619) 550-1241.  For questions, please call the General Manager at (949) 451-1654.

Pool and Spa Heating Schedule

Please note that the heat to the pools and waders at Peppertree Square, Cypress Square, Promenade Square, and Date Palm Square will be turned off for the winter as of October 15th. The heat to the Lagoon pool, Resort pool, and Competition Pool will be heated all year. 

The heat is scheduled to be turned back on March 20, 2020 for all these facilities.

Google Fiber Update

We appreciate and acknowledge your interest in Google Fiber. At the board meeting on September 26, 2019, the Right of Entry Agreement was approved and signed by the Board of Directors. Please note that the Agreement only gives Google Fiber the Right of Entry to common areas maintained by the Woodbury Master. All sub-associations Board of Directors will need to approve and sign their own Right of Entry for their common areas so that they can have access to install Google Fiber.

Yoga Classes for Woodbury Residents! Join now!

Join Michele for yoga classes every Tuesday and Thursday night in the Activities Room at 108 Lamplighter in Woodbury! All levels welcome. Please bring your own yoga mat. Classes will be offered on Tuesdays for a one-hour restorative yoga class at 8:15 p.m. and Thursdays for a one-hour class at 8:15 p.m. There is a fee of $11.00 per class, $40.00 for four classes, and $9.00 for a single class for students and seniors. Questions? Please contact Michele Bonetti at (949) 878-6480 or michelebonetti.yoga@gmail.com. 

Earthquake Preparedness

Recently, California has had two very large quakes in the span of a couple of days and hundreds of aftershocks following. Please utilize this time now to make sure you are prepared if an earthquake happens closer to where you live. Please see the following tips from www.ready.gov to ensure you are prepared before, during, and after a major quake:

Before an earthquake occurs be sure to:
• Secure heavy items such as cabinets, tvs, shelving units and items that hang on walls. Move heavy items on shelves to lower levels.
• Practice STOP, COVER, and HOLD ON—Stop where you are, get down on hands and knees, cover your neck and head with your hands and crawl to somewhere safe (if possible) and hold on to sturdy furniture.
• Have a family communication plan and make sure you have a supply kit stocked with non-perishable food, water, flashlights and more.

During an earthquake:
• DROP, COVER, and HOLD ON—just like you have practiced.
• If you are inside, stay inside until the shaking stops and then proceed outside to an area where no objects such as your home, trees, power lines etc. can fall on top of you.
• If you are in bed, stay in bed and cover your head and neck with a pillow.
• If you are in a vehicle—pull over to a safe place, away from any objects that could fall on top of you. Do not stop under overpasses.

After an earthquake:
• Expect aftershocks—if your home is unstable, do not stay there, move away from any possible falling debris.
• Do not enter damaged buildings.
• If you are trapped cover your mouth and nose from dust and debris and try to get a text out if you have a phone with you. Bang on pipes or walls, save your voice until you hear rescuers approaching.
• If you are in an area where tsunamis are possible—move to higher ground immediately.
• Once you are safe, monitor radio, social media or television for alerts.

New Facility Key Identification Cards

The Woodbury Community Association is excited to announce the installation of a new and improved access system to the community pools and facilities at Woodbury. With the new technology, the Board of Directors have approved changing from our current key fob to a photo ID card/badge credential to access all of Woodbury’s amenities, including all pools areas and tennis/basketball courts. Over the next few weeks we will begin changing resident key fobs over to the new Facility Key Identification Photo Card.

Please know that the old fobs are deactivated and will no longer access the community amenities. It is important that you bring your fobs to the Association to change for the new facility ID cards during the upcoming scheduled dates.

The following is meant to provide you with important details and schedules about the card system change. Please review our schedule to choose the best date for your family to come to pick up your new cards. Please note that photos will be taken of all members of your household over the age of 14 and will be displayed on your personalized Facility Key Identification Card.

If you're unable to get everyone to come down together during this time, you can email in a group photo of your family and we can upload it into the system. Once you come to the office, we can print it here. Don't forget to bring your key fobs to exchange! If you are tenant, please ask the homeowner to fill out the application form prior to you coming by the office and switching out your key fob. 


  • All homeowners will need to complete the new Facility Key Identification Card Application Form online at www.woodburyhoa.org. Please follow the instructions to submit your form to the Association office online. All forms can be emailed to kstephenson@keystonepacific.com if you would like our office to print them out.
  • If you prefer, you may complete the attached form and bring to the office on the dates selected below to obtain your new Facility Key Identification Card. No appointment is necessary, either email or bring your completed form to one of the dates listed below.
  • Woodbury residency will be verified when you obtain your new Facility Key Identification Card. Homeowners, please bring with you on the day of your card pick up, valid photo I.D. or a current utility bill that shows the Woodbury address and homeowner’s name. In addition, you must bring with you all current fobs to exchange for a new Facility Key Identification Card. Each home is allowed a maximum of two Facility Key Identification Cards. If you bring one key fob, then we will exchange for one photo card, if you bring two key fobs, then we will exchanged for two photo cards. Only two Facility Key Identification Cards will be issued per home and only upon presentation of the current key fob(s).
  • There is no cost to exchange your fob for the new Facility Key Identification Card. In the future, any new homeowner and/or tenant will need to obtain a new photo identification card from the Association. There will be a cost to the new homeowner and new tenant to purchase a photo identification card from the Association.
  • If your home is being rented – we must receive the Facility Key Identification Card Application Form prior to the tenant obtaining their new Facility Key Identification Card. Please know that a photo will be taken and printed onto the new card. If your tenant moves out, a replacement card and photo will be required of your new tenant. There will be a cost to the resident for replacement cards. Tenants will only be issued a card upon receipt of homeowner written authorization via email.

If you have any questions, please visit the Woodbury Community Association website at www.woodburyhoa.org or call (949) 451-1654.

Key Fob Application - Click Here

Community Mobile Car Wash Service

We know you’re busy, so we’re bringing a car wash service to Woodbury. We’ve partnered with Private Car Wash Service to bring their onsite car wash service right to you. Now once a week you can schedule a time to have your vehicle washed right here in the community. You can book a time with Private Car Wash Service at (800) 511-8681. First date available is August 5th. All cars will be washed in the Woodbury parking lot on Lamplighter – 108 Lamplighter! Prices start at $20.00 for the deluxe hand wash. Contact Private Car Wash Service now to take advantage of the great price and convenient location here at Woodbury!

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