OC Health – Water Safety Checklist

Drowning is the leading cause of death for children 1-4 years of age and among the top five leading causes of death for those under the age of 18 in California and Orange County. Please view the linked Water Safety Checklist provided by the OC Health Care Agency, raising awareness to help prevent drownings (provided in English, Chinese (Traditional), Spanish and Vietnamese). To be able to click the link, please click the “Read more” tab.

Shredding Event – April 22

Woodbury residents can safely and securely dispose of up to five banker-size boxes (24 inches x 12 inches) at a mobile shredding unit on-site in the Woodbury parking lot at 108 Lamplighter off of Towngate and Revival. This event will be held on Saturday, April 22nd from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Event ends once truck capacity has been reached. Please ensure all provided documents and boxes are free of binders, paper clips, plastic sleeves, and metal butterfly clips. Items not accepted include: CD’s, credit cards, three-ringed binders, wire dividers, newspapers and magazines, and spiral notebooks. You must show your Woodbury key card as proof of residency.

4/12 Blood Drive Results

Our most recent Blood Drive was held on Wednesday, April 12th. The American Red Cross wants to give their heartfelt thanks to all those who donated.  There were 26 units of blood collected, which in turn may impact the lives of 78 hospital patients.  These great results are because one pint of whole blood can be separated out to red blood cells (trauma/accident victims), platelets (cancer patients), and plasma (burn victims).  Each of those blood products may go to a different patient in need – saving up to three lives. Truly amazing what one blood donation can do! 

Neighborhood Watch Meeting – Recap

At the Neighborhood Watch meeting held on March 28th, approximately 50 residents were present to listen to and ask questions to Officer Campbell and Ms. Lind with the Irvine P.D. We learned that in the last six months, there were a total of 15 burglaries reported. Of those 15, ten of them were garage thefts, meaning the resident had left the garage door open. The other five reported burglaries were professional home invasions. Please click on the “Read More” tab to click the links below to view the handouts provided at the meeting last night by our guest Officers. We hope the information provided is helpful to everyone. We want to say a special thank you to resident John Panzullo, for speaking to the residents last night about how he started a Watch program in his area of Woodbury. Click

Organic Waste Recycling

We understand that residents are receiving notices from Waste Management/City of Irvine implying that the HOA will be considering installing communal bins for food waste only. Please be advised that the Woodbury Master Association will not be providing communal food waste containers. If you live in a sub-association, please reach out to your Manager to find out if they will be providing a communal container for you. If your sub-association will not be providing a communal bin, or you do not live within a sub-association, Waste Management will be providing each of you a green waste container that they will deliver to you. To view the contact information for all sub-association Managers, please visit “Contacts” under the Management tab.

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