Written by Vanessa Vanecek, Public Safety Assistant

Irvine Police Department, Crime Prevention Unit

Summer is here and the warmer weather means getting outside, hitting the beach, and maybe even taking some family vacations for the first time in a while. Although we are all excited to get back on the road and take a long awaited break, it is important to ensure our safety and the protection of our homes and belongings. These tips will help you have a fun-filled and worry-free summer. Enjoy! 

  • • Install lighting, such as motion lights or dusk-to-dawn detector lights, on your home’s exterior.
  • • Set timers on interior and exterior lights to turn on in the evening to make it appear someone is home.
  • • Consider installing a security system for your home that includes a camera surveillance system you can monitor remotely.
  • • Trim tall shrubbery and plants around your home to eliminate hiding places. 
  • • Close and lock all your doors and windows, including the garage door, when you leave your house. 
  • • Make sure your bikes are registered, kept locked and put away when not in use. 
    • o Register your bike for free by visiting project529.com/Irvine or by downloading the 529 Garage app on your mobile phone.
    • • Be aware of your surroundings when you walk, jog or bike. You can also wear bright colors to alert drivers around you. If you are going out in the dark, wear reflective clothing and carry flashlights for extra lighting.
    • • Make sure to schedule regular deliveries of packages, mail and newspapers. Put a hold on these when you are out of town for an extended period.
    • • Avoid posting specific vacation plans on social media until you return so others won’t know when your house will be unoccupied.
    • • Ask a trusted neighbor to pick up fliers or other publications that might be left in your doorway while you are away.
    • • When uninvited guests knock on your door, make sure you respond by letting them know you are not interested—avoid pretending that you are not home.
    • • Be a good neighbor and look out for one another. 
    • • Tell a family member or trusted neighbor about your vacation plans and ask them to check on the house occasionally. 

Report any suspicious activity to the Irvine Police Department at the time of the occurrence by calling 949-724-7000. In an emergency, please call 911.

Have fun, be safe and don’t forget your sunscreen!

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