Written by Shiree Lind, Crime Prevention Specialist
Irvine Police Department, Crime Prevention Unit

So many of us focus on our busy lives and forget to take a moment to look around. Our neighbors are our allies. If we each took a moment to look up, greet each other and become familiar with our surroundings, we might deter more crime.

Make safety and security part of your everyday language by implementing these crime prevention tips:
- Greet your neighbors
- Be aware and know who belongs in your neighborhood
- Introduce yourself to new neighbors
- Familiarize yourself with your neighbors vehicles
- Practice giving physical descriptions of people in order to be a good witness
- Think about role play; how you would take action if you were a victim or a witness
- Lock your residential and vehicle doors and windows including your garage door
- Bring valuables inside or with you and keep them out of sight if left in vehicle
- Keep your car looking like it did the day you purchased it (the only extra things you should see are child safety seats)
- Bring in packages as soon as they are delivered
- Check your lighting and adjust for time changes
- Notify each other when you see something out of the ordinary
- Maintain trees and shrubbery to allow for visibility and reduce hiding places
- Keep tabs on daily expenditures to prevent fraud
- Pick up all deliveries, mail and advertisements daily
- Sign up for United States Postal Service (USPS) daily notifications
- Keep your personal information private and use a cross cut shredder to dispose of documents
- Only open your door to invited guests – verbally respond to all others
- Only post what you want to share with the world on social media
- Do not give out personal information before verifying who is asking for it
- Follow Irvine Police Department on social media
- Be safe!

For more information on crime prevention and personal safety, please visit CrimePrevention.IrvinePD.org.

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