Coyotes are especially active this time of year since they have to feed their newborn pups. Which often means they’ll venture into residential neighborhoods to hunt for prey. In fact, with the exception of Hawaii, coyotes now live in every US state and have been seen hunting in urban areas, too. So to help avoid run-ins between these urban predators and your dog, I’ve rounded up five ways to help keep coyotes away from your property.

Coyote Tip #1: Pick up after your pup

Your dog’s waste can actually attract coyotes. So not only is picking-up after your dog polite — it also makes your neighborhood less interesting to wandering predators. With this in mind, make sure your YARD is free of dog poop, too.

Coyote Tip #2: Keep trash bins covered

Coyotes are opportunistic feeders — meaning if they see an easy meal, they’ll go for it. In some cases, this could mean digging through your trash. On top of that, they also hunt raccoons, which makes your trash and compost bin area a major coyote zone. So to help keep coyotes (and other critters) from wandering around your property, make sure your trash bins are tightly covered. Or if you have a garage, keep your bins inside and away from these neighborhood animals entirely.

Coyote Tip #3: Remove bird feeders

This tip is actually a double safety measure. You see, birds are natural prey for coyotes — so the more birds you attract to your yard, the more predators you might spot as well. Which not only includes coyotes, but larger birds like owls or hawks, who’ve been known to attack smaller dogs. So by removing bird-friendly accessories, like feeders and baths from your yard, you’ll make your property less attractive to predators.

Coyote Tip #4: Trim your yard

Here’s a startling fact: coyotes have been known to jump fences 6-7 feet tall. So even if you have a fenced-in yard, keep your landscape trimmed to help deter coyotes from using them as hiding spots. Plus, by keeping your plants short, your yard will be much less friendly to fleas and ticks, which can help keep your dog bite-free, as well.

Coyote Tip #5: Always supervise

The best commonsense tactic to ward off coyotes? Stay close to your dog when you’re outdoors and always be on the look out for potential dangers, even on routine walks. After all, coyotes have been known to sneak around during the day, too — so you definitely don’t want to take any chances. By keeping these tactics in mind, you can help keep your property safe from wandering predators — and keep coyotes away from your canine companion.  And if you DO spot a coyote or any larger birds of prey, make sure to let other dog parents in your neighborhood know — and feel free to share these tips with them as well.

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