Cox Communications will be updating our network in the Woodbury community to provide residents access to faster speeds, enhanced product capabilities and more network reliability in the future.

Cox is looking to start this work at the earliest, in the next couple of weeks.

Cox will notify residents of the upcoming work by mailing the attached construction notification postcard (Attachment #1) and placing the attached door hanger (Attachment #2)  on ALL residence doors about 48 hours prior to construction activity beginning.

Here is a description of the work that will be taking place (which occurs within the public utility easement):

  • Laying additional conduit and/or repairing conduit – if needed
  • Pulling micro duct through conduit
  • Replacing current pedestals with a new pedestal/placing flush mount vaults
  • Fiber blowing/jetting through micro duct (utilizing Cox’s existing conduit infrastructure)

During the second half of 2018, Cox will need to access the community again to complete the migration to our new infrastructure. During this activity, Cox customers will experience a multi-hour service disruption. As we get closer to this date, we will be sure to communicate with the community ahead of time and will share the communications that Cox customers will receive to notify them of this disruption.

NX Utilities, the contractor for Cox Communications, is expected to begin work within the next week to update our network. Door hangers will be placed on ALL residents doors about 48 hours prior to work beginning in an area and the attached sandwich boards will be placed in the areas where crews will be working every morning and picked up at the end of each work day.

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