Due to the increase in mailbox theft in the single-family homes that have the curbside mailboxes, the Board of Directors approved to have cluster mailbox units installed. Certain streets have already been completed and the rest of the single-family homes will be done in phases. Please keep an eye out for a letter from the Association that will indicate when you can pick up your new mailbox keys. Please note that the post office representative took into consideration the location of where the cluster units will be installed by making sure none were in front of any homes. 

Please keep in mind that if the boxes are not right by your house, that the reason the boxes are the way they are is to keep streets together.  When routes are designed, the post office tries to keep one carrier in a certain area, depending on the routes, line of travel and the amount of deliveries so they don’t have to break certain tracks between two routes. 

Please make sure to pick up your new mailbox keys so you can pick up your mail when the curbside boxes are removed. 

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